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Chamber music is the most fulfilling, fun and challenging way to learn true ensemble playing - 'social playing'. It has been considered the most beautiful and sublime form of musical expression with the perfect balance between 'dialogue' and independent musical voices. DOLCE is lucky to have Dr. Lydia Gao join us, an experienced professional chamber musician who studied with the legends of chamber music, the Guarneri Quartet, Emerson Quartet and the Pacifica String Quartet. Auditions to be placed into groups where the musicians will learn repertoire and the skills of real ensemble playing will be held on FEB 14 and FEB 17 at 5:30 pm. The location is 10800 E Bethany Dr., Suite 500, Aurora, CO 80014.

"People learn best when they are having fun" Dorothy Delay, Juilliard

... and on the flip side a little bit of excellence is required to have fun. Even in tennis, it starts to be more fun when you are at least good enough to rally. Same in music. Unluckily, it is difficult to put all the systems in place to make it easier for music students to achieve that level where they can make an informe decision whether they like it or not and to even have a chance of having real fun. We have put together a school that is a commnity of passionate teachers with the right tools to make excellence and fun music making accessible to you.

Come and we will find the
perfect fit for you

  • Group Class

    This is the ideal way to start. We have considered the quality of teaching, little goals, future growth, the social aspect, and even affordability to put together the best way to try learning music!

  • Fun Private Lessons

    Come meet our exceptionally talented, experience and passionate teachers and see if you vibe!

  • Chamber Series

    If you already play an instrument and want to play in a 'band' -- quartet, trio, duo etc -- or an orchestra, come join fellow fun musicians and learn some of the best music ever written!


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Come audition for a chance to study with a world class chamber musician who thinks fun is part of the recipe! This is a flexible ten week course that will truly boost your study in music while giving you the opportunity to have a meaningful experi..... Read more...