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Guiding curriculum, Juries every semester along with an internal concert series featuring some of the finest artists in the country all provide the best

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Dr. Andrew Brown


With an equal passion for playing the cello and teaching it, Dr. Brown is one of the foremost young cellists of Colorado. His laid back attitude is key to his success in connecting with young cellists, but his inner drive and passion for music and the cello are the driving force behind the success of his studio.

John Shim


John Shim is in love with the violin and teaching.
John maintains a full studio with the dream of being and ever becoming a truly great teacher and guide for each of his students. A former student of Aaron Rosand, he is obsessed with providing the finest instruction and guidance for his students in the most personalized and customized way possible.
Perhaps John's greatest strength is his attitude and understanding of the importance of violin education in terms of pure developmen.....


Dr. Luyan Gao

Violin, Director of Chamber

"Dr. Lydia is so strict about getting good but so nice to me as a person. I feel really motivated!" - Yohan L


A Native of China, Dr. Luyan Gao received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree and her Master of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Bachelor of Arts from the Shanghai Conservatory of music in China. She has been a student of Shisheng Zheng in China and Simin Ganatra of the Pacifica Stri.....

Hailey Hairyung Jang


Hailey is available to teach Mon - Thurs

"She is so nice and made our actually long lesson feel short and fun!" - Shy student

"She is really pretty! I like my teacher because she is attractive and I learn so many details." - Sarah L.

"Hailey is the perfect blend of ambition for the sake of the student and empathetic desire to make a lesson fun. That is why I am so enthused to be her colleague and to learn from her." - John Shim .....