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We believe that fun and excellence are both important; people learn best when having fun.

We have put together a school that is a commnity of passionate teachers with the right tools to make excellence and fun music making accessible to you. By paying the Dolce tuition, most of these tools that are necessary to support learning are provided at minimal, discounted cost or for free

  • Eight recitals a year
  • Discounted lessons and class fees
  • Regular performance testing
  • Access to the Dolce Curriculum
  • Monthly kids only studio classes***
  • End of the year studio parties
  • Masterclasses with Guest artsts
  • Colorado Symphony Tickets
  • Information about competitions and other local orchestras
  • Audition and College Application advice and guidance
  • Symphony Tickets and occasional backstage access for a select few

Studio classes are casual get togethers where the students are required to perform something (even if not complete and polished) every month for the other students of DOLCE. Refreshments and the absence of parents makes these classes less stressful for the students. However, the push to perform regularly and without excuses enables this lonely and introverted activity to become more