Conservatory Based Programs

The core of a school is found in the quality of its programs

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Private Lessons

1. Quality and Customized instruction in a one on one setting.*

2. Personalized and customized communication of a long standing and tested tradition.

3. Dolce exclusive studio classes that come along with the lessons on a monthly basis. These are run by the individual studio teachers but all Dolce students may participate. They are a pillar of all great violin studios; students gather to perform whatever they are working on in a casual, friendly setting where even the parents are not directly involved.

4. End of semester JURY with certificates, giving clear objective feedback.

5. 8 recitals per year. (free or $5 cover) These are flexibly scheduled and are not required but are great vehicles and tools for students to get up in front of people -- adults and kids - an practice performing.

6. Solo or shared recital opportunity. Recitals are curated on a case by case basis. (free but students must share cost of logistics)

7. The support of Dolce for

    Youth Orchestra information
    Career information
    Paid gigs even for students
    College application advice
    Local concert information

8. End of the year fun, social parties and events. (free or Dolce member discounted small cover charge).