Conservatory Based Programs

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Private Lessons

This is the signature program of Dolce where we ensure that we guide you towards properly learning music and your instrument.

Every single student will be uniquely considered and the most effective way of teaching will be set up for each individual. However, the tested and carefully written Dolce curriculum will provide the measurable guidelines and suggest a universally proper order of learning. In the beginning this requires pulling aspects from a wealth of different curriculums such as the Suzuki, ABRSM, AUER, and BARBARA series. Later on Schradieck, Dounis, Sevcik, Yost, Wolfhart, Kreutzer, Ysaye Scales and Galamian methods will be used in bits to provide the students with an outstanding grasp of fundamentals that is difficult to find anywhere even nationally.

All private students are required to take performance ‘tests’ and participate in a certain number of recitals or events, but the focus is not on forcing the students to participate but on the benefits they can receive by participating.